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Ensenada is known as the Mexican capital of wine and offers a wide diversity of quality mexican wine making that takes over 90% of all national wine production. Indulge your palate as you explore the multitude of wineries, local cheeses, olive oils and the Baja Med cuisine. Choose from our different valleys to enjoy a fun and delicious experience.


VG´s history is very diverse and rich. It is the place where the majority of Ensenada´s wineries are located at. On this excursion your guide will tell you how all of this made the previously humble Valle de Guadalupe farm land so popular in the foodie trend that it boomed into this enormous plethora of gastronomic diversity and fine wine making that has surprised wine aficionados across the world. Definitely a place you need to visit if you want to understand part of our identity as Baja Californians. Make sure to ask for special services such as wine pairing dinners at different well renowned restaurants.


Many travelers are unaware of Mexico´s amazing wine culture. As this entire country was originally seized under Spanish control for several centuries before 1821, this perpetuated the introduction of grape varietals that play an important role in our tourism industry to this day. In valleys south of the city of Ensenada, you will discover Santo Tomás winery, the second oldest winery in the country and currently now surrounded by many more wineries, like its next door neighbors in Valle de la Grulla.


Don´t feel like a long drive and would just like to enjoy the ¨Vino¨? On this excursion all you need is your party and your local guide to head out in the town and find local favorite wines paired with some of the best foods from taco stands to fine dining. Your guide, a local wine lover will know exactly what wines to get you and with what food to pair it with.


A recently developing wine country area that is growing at a fast pace but still small in comparison to Valle de Guadalupe. Here you will find a boutique dairy farm where you can taste cheese and butter, learn about their process, meet the cows, pair the cheeses with wine crafted specially for the amazing menu they have at their on location restaurant.

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About Us

We are a team of qualified and experienced local, with a combined 40 years experience we ensure all visitors that they´ll get the most authentic taste of this versatile destination we call home.

We aim to eliminate big corporate intermediates or the risk of you encountering the typical false guide that wishes to appropriate our culture and profit by exploiting our identity . We help travelers understand our hereditary and historical background in context of who we are today by sharing with many our favorite stories, foods and drinks, walk our city´s streets, beaches and valleys and introduce the many different faces we call friends and family that have been part of our entire lives.

Meet the team


Mariana Hammann

licensed guide, Sese vlogger & writer

She started to guide travelers when she was 19 years old to get herself through college and here she is over 10 years later as a professional licensed guide with a passion for her region, state and coun ntry creating videos to show the real side of Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico. Today she's part of the licensed guides of Baja California and is working on developing her own brand: ¨Tours by Mariana¨, so travelers can find her blogs as a freelance guide, plan their visits and be a tourism ambassador for Ensenada.


Alejandro Moreno

licensed driver & guide

His experience in tourism goes back to 1997 as a licensed bilingual driver and tour operator whom he still continues to collaborate with driving licensed official vehicles. He also has a tremendously large amount of local knowledge for almost any kind of activity you and your party are setting out to look for and he´ll make sure your experience will be delivered in the best way available.

5 solid, true stars for Tours by Mariana! The best ever tour I’ve been on in years! Mariana is a pure born and bred Ensenada local...

-Kiku Matsushima

Mariana has an exuberant personality, a mastery of English, and a love of Baja California. My friends and I rhapsodize about the day she gave us, and dream about being able to have another one

-Julie Porter

I can't wait to go back! Mariana and Alex were friendly knowledgeable and catered to all our groups needs. I felt safe at all times and learned so much. I highly recommend them for your needs.

-Margarita Paiz