Fished this day with Frank Brown Jr, Gordon, Cisco and Greg Mots on one of the most beautiful days you could ever wish for. I also had fished on Thursday the 17th on an equally nice day for several lingcod to 10lbs and an assortment of rockfish and bass:


But Saturday the 19th turned into one of those special days that boat owners and charter captains dream of. The stars had aligned for great weather, an experienced group of fishermen, a willing to learn deckhand, and big yellows that were on the edge of suicide for our lures. And all this at the end of January! After a night of partying at my sports bar (Tequilas Bar) Frank and his crew decided that 8AM would be our start time. Nice....I could sleep in before a charter. The guys were waiting at my slip at the Marina Coral and we headed out around 8:30. Made a beeline for the San Miguel Bajo doing 34mph on flat calm seas. The sun was out and blazing but there was little evidence on the surface of what would soon be a nice pick on some large homeguard yellows. Yours truly started the day with a nice 6lb sand bass on the iron. I made a couple of moves and it was game on. We hooked 15 yellows in a 3 hour period and brought 10 to the boat. All the fish were 20-30lb homeguards and all were caught on a variety of irons yo-yo'd and retrieved off the bottom. We also had a couple of hookups while the jigs were sinking. Mixed in with the yellows were 5 nice ling cod and a few small rockfish. The rest of this report will be "a picture is worth a thousand words":